Commercial Kitchen

IMG_2251Our full commercial kitchen is “caterer-friendly” with a separate service and delivery entrance that allows ease of movement and preparation without disrupting the event in progress.

A 6-burner stovetop with griddle and dual ovens are great for preparing and heating food on site while an available microwave oven offers that last minute touch any dish may need. Measuring more than 200 SF, the well-lit kitchen offers plenty of counter and prep space, a large-capacity stainless steel refrigerator, and an institutional grade high temperature dishwashing system. Separate sanitary and hand washing sinks allow for quick clean-up after the event while a Department of Health compliant hood and fire suppression system over the stove/oven makes for a safe working environment.

IMG_2719Double swinging doors and a short ramp make for easy access to and set-up in the banquet/conference area. Whether you choose your own caterer or allow us to choose one for you, everyone will be pleased with their ability to serve you and your guests quickly and efficiently from our full-featured kitchen.

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